Franklin Dow

I work across fiction, documentary and commercial with each form of cinematography enriching the others. My documentary career has taken me to 40 countries around the world, I have seen the best of humanity and the worst, often sharing the same space. These experiences are constant source of inspiration in my life and work.

My role is to create images that tell a story through the lens of the directors vision. Once I have those elements the images appear kind of like memories. The story might take the form of a screenplay, a lyric or an ethos but the approach is the same, it’s a visual reaction to the subject through that lens.

Agent WIZZO & CO / WIZZO FEATURES Sophie Shaw-Foucher / Lee Hickman
+44 (0)20 7437 2055

Cinematography Awards
Primetime EMMY Winner – Cinematography – Virunga, 2015
British Arrows Nomination – Cinematography – Bolt, Where To?
Camerimage Nomination – Short Doc – The White Helmets, 2017
Cinema Eye Honors Winner – Cinematography – Virunga, 2015
Camerimage Nomination – Short Doc – Aisha’s Song, 2011
LASFF Winner – Cinematography – Skateistan, To Live and Skate Kabul, 2011

Major Film Awards
BIFA Winner – Documentary Feature – Evelyn, 2018
Oscar Winner – Documentary Short – The White Helmets, 2017
Oscar Nomination – Documentary Feature – Virunga, 2015
Bafta Nomination – Documentary Feature – Virunga, 2015